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Frequently Asked Questions: Mobile App & Smart Device Control

Mobile App, Smart Device Control & Caséta Light Control

Do I have to replace Serena shades already installed so they can be controlled in the Lutron app?

No. The Lutron app will control existing Serena shades.

Is the mobile app free?

Yes. The Lutron app can be downloaded in the App Store or the Google Play store free of charge.

How do I set up the smart hub?

It’s easy! Simply install your shades and smart dimmers in the room. Connect the smart hub to your wireless router. Then download the Lutron app and launch it on your smart device. Follow the instructions in the app to add devices to your system, set up favorite levels and scenes or schedules for automatic control.

How many devices can I connect to one smart hub?

Up to 75. A device could be a Serena shade, a plug-in dimmer or in-wall dimmer, or your Pico remotes or 4-group remotes (the smart hub itself counts as 1 device). However, the smart hub is also limited by range – it covers all devices within an area of 2,500 square feet. A wireless repeater may be purchased to extend the range by 60’ if needed.

Do I need to purchase the Caséta repeater?

Each device (e.g. Serena shade, Caséta dimmer, Pico remote, etc.) added to the Lutron app must be within 30’ from the smart hub. If additional wireless range is needed, you can use a plug-in lamp dimmer to extend the range by an additional 30’ (this only applies to the FIRST plug-in lamp dimmer added in the Lutron app). If additional wireless range is needed OR if you do not wish to purchase a plug-in lamp dimmer, the Caséta repeater will also extend the range by an additional 30’ (60’ total).

What is Façade Finder?

Façade Finder is a new feature in the Lutron app for Serena wood blinds that allows users to indicate which direction (N, NE, E, S, SW, W, NW) their window is facing. It utilizes the phone’s internal compass to provide a suggested direction, but the user can also manually override this direction when selecting a façade for their blind. This is the first step to setting up the Natural Light Optimization feature.

What is Natural Light Optimization?

Natural Light Optimization is a new feature in the Lutron app for Serena wood blinds that utilizes date, time, location, and façade (through Façade Finder), to automatically adjust blinds throughout the day to optimize the natural light in the space.

Note: Natural Light Optimization does NOT adjust blinds according to the weather – e.g. blinds will move to prevent direct sunlight into the home even if it’s rainy or cloudy outside.

How can I enable Natural Light Optimization?

Once wood blinds are installed in the app and you’ve used “façade finder” to indicate the direction the blind is facing, you can easily enable NLO in the app with the press of a few buttons. Then, blinds will run on a unique daily schedule.

The great part about NLO is that you don’t have to create their own schedules or scenes for this to work. Once NLO is enabled, all the schedules are created for you automatically! You can, however, adjust the start and end times during which NLO is activated.

What is “Fade Fighter” mode?

A Lutron strategically designed tilt angle of the wood blinds (150 degrees) that helps reduce direct glare and block harmful U/V rays that could cause fading or discoloration to furnishings from direct sunlight. This tilt angle is already built into the Natural Light Optimization set of daily schedules; however, the degree of the angle can be manually adjusted in the app.

Can Caséta dimmers control any light bulb?

They are designed to work with dimmable LEDs and CFLs, halogen and incandescent bulbs. We have tested many commonly-used bulbs with these dimmers, and have put together a compatible bulb list. Bulbs on this list will have superior dimming capability with our dimmers.

Can I use multiple iOS or Android-based smart devices with only one smart hub?

Yes. If two smart devices are tied to the same smart hub, the last button pressed will control the shades and lights in the space.

What Does “HomeKit-enabled” mean for Serena Shades and Caséta™ Light Controls?

Serena Shades can be operated by talking to Siri in your home when you have a 2nd Generation Lutron smart hub connected to WiFi and the free Lutron App installed on an iOS device using iOS9 or higher with Apple® HomeKit.

Caséta Light Controls can be operated by talking to Siri in your home when you have a 2nd Generation Lutron smart hub connected to WiFi and the free Lutron App installed on an iOS device with Apple® HomeKit.

Operating any HomeKit-enabled products outside the home talking to Siri requires 4th Generation Apple TV. For more information on HomeKit click here.

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